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El punto de inicio de ambas líneas es cero. Se puede editar el color y el ancho de cada divisa. Se trata de una herramienta recomendada para aquellos traders que utilizan las velas japonesas para tomar decisiones de trading. La teoría de las velas japonesas establece una serie de patrones que son estadísticamente previos a un cambio potencial o a la interrupción de tendencias, un giro potencial en una tendencia actual, etc. Como siempre, este tipo de herramienta tiene que ser usada como un indicador de una posible posición favorable a ser tomada, pero es necesario combinarla con otras técnicas.

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Otra herramienta que usted puese usar son nuestros sistema de cruce de línea significativos, incluyendo medias de cruce, cruce de MACD y señal sobre cero. Síguenos en:. To be on the safer side, we have to confirm their registration details ourselves. Shocking details emerged that this broker is not registered by any company register. It means these scam artists are using an anonymous company.

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Another perturbing problem we noticed with this broker is their level of anonymity. It would seem these scam artists have left out their names for a reason. Once you deposit funds to this broker, you are actually dealing with an unknown third party. Ask yourself, who are the founding members of this platform? Who is actually operating or running this website?

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By posting random numbers, investors are led to believe this is a licensed entity. Numbers used to indicate their license are SD Reading their disclaimer, it is evident these scam artists are preparing to make losses. What if the losses are because of their negligence? A real broker will post copies of their licensing certificates for all to see.

By doing this, users will be able to verify the document as well as contact regulatory bodies. And this is a red flag we must raise in regards to their licensing. Go4Rex is not licensed by any official regulatory body. You should stay away from unlicensed entities. By partnering with above board and credible brokers, you stand a chance of making real profits. Try signing up with expert backed and industry recommended brokers. You will trade knowing your funds are safe and get the best deals.

Sign up with brokers who are genuine and transparent in their trading activities. Due to the large number of complaints we have received, it is clear this is a scam. Stay away from Go 4Rex as these scam artists are only interested with your funds. Those members who send withdrawal requests are having a hard time.

Any online trading platform must allow users to withdraw funds as per the laws and regulations. Without such strict rules, this would be a chaotic industry. Go4Rex is furnishing users with five different account types to choose from. When asking for withdrawals, these scam artists will demand you pay them back any bonuses issued.


Bonuses have become a bone of contention as it is best to disregard them. Scam artists will bait investors by promising a huge welcome bonus, stay away. Why not make the bold move and start mining Cryptocurrencies? With the help of a reputable Crypto mining company , the dream can be achieved. Start the signup process with commendable and Recommended Cryptocurrency mining companies.

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Depositing funds with Go4Rex is easy and quick, and this is what scammers want. Having these depository channels ensures any investor from any part of the world can deposit funds. By doing so, they have increased their chances of scamming hundreds, if not thousands of investors. A huge problem still remains lack of withdrawal from members. According to their platform page, their platform is compatible to desktop and mobile devices.

Go4Rex trading platform is vulnerable, it is not secure. Lack of proper SSL Encryption means hackers can easily target this broker. It means hackers took advantage of this vulnerability to steal credit card information.

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  8. And this is another red flag which must be raised. Another perturbing issue with this platform is having no response team. At the bottom right hand side of their website, one would expect a live chat support.

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    After investigating for a few days, their chat team was always unavailable. And this is what has been a major thorn as the scammers choose which email to respond to. How can funds be safe with an anonymous and unlicensed entity? Segregation of accounts is also another problem as Go4Rex is pooling funds in one account. Merging assets in one account can prove disastrous when bankruptcy or insolvency knocks.

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    Another problem is how they hide details regarding handling of funds. Go 4Rex does not indicate where their bank funds. Evidence clearly points to this being a rotten online platform. Thanks to our investigation, we can strongly suggest Go4Rex is a scam. Ensure you stay away from this broker or else face huge financial risks. Mark their emails as spam and warn your family and friends from joining any of their affiliate programs.

    Protecting our readers means we have to add this broker to our scam blacklist. For details regarding Forex products, ensure you read our reviews. Use industry backed Forex robots as another way of making money with Forex trading.